To Get Drunk on Cold Water by Bieke Depoorter and Gideon Jacobs.

Traveling across rural Romania, photographer Depoorter and writer Gideon Jacobs compiled scenes, environments, characters, and narratives which they synthesized as if sourced from a single fictional Romanian town.
Their approach — using small vignettes to paint a larger picture — reveals that a country, a people, a culture, are never just one thing, and any attempt to holistically capture what is infinitely nuanced will always end in the realm of storytelling.

This project is part of ‘Romanias’. This project sees six photographic visions of contemporary Romania form an exhibition and accompanying book.
The EIDOS Foundation, Bucharest, has given carte blanche to five Magnum photographers – Thomas Dworzak, Paolo Pellegrin, Alec Soth, Bieke Depoorter and Newsha Tavakolian – to deliver their visions of contemporary Romania. The project, Romanias, is currently on display at the National Museum of Art of Romania. The accompanying book of the same name – to be released during the exhibition – features the five Magnum photographers’ essays as well as one by Cristian Movilă, a Romanian photographer and founder of EIDOS Foundation.

Florian Ebner – chief photography curator at the Centre Georges Pompidou, has curated the Romanias project.