Dvalemodus is a short film (9”) by Mattias De Craene and Bieke Depoorter.

Dvalemodus was created in a short, three-week timespan during a winter-residency in a small town in Senja, an island in Northern Norway. Depoorter and De Craene created the film with only non-actors.
All of them are inhabitants of Skaland, the dark and freezing village. Almost all scenes are inspired by scenes from daily life. Most of them were recorded in the characters’ personal environment and some of them are entirely documentary in nature. The film alternates portraits of people with shots of the harsh surrounding nature and describes how different people deal
with the everlasting darkness.

A Norwegian village, engulfed in everlasting darkness. In states of endless slumber, people endure the stifling dark. Powerful forces of nature rage relentlessly, sometimes soothing and sometimes menacing. The roar of the factory thunders on without halt, steadily eroding the surrounding landscape. Sluggish shapes seemingly abide the desolate waste around them. “These mountains, these waves and our people, carry the darkness, lies and slowness within. For he who can’t take no more only laughter can bring salvation.”