Chad is the fifth poorest country in the world. In the Arid Bahr El Gazal region in the north of the country most communities earn a living by breeding animals – cattle, sheep, goats and camels – supplemented by limited farming activities. These communities are dependent on rainfall, but the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable, making the land drier and reducing pasture. It means dat even in a good year, reserves are so low that one in five families regularly face going hungry, while their only assets, their animals, die. The situation is made worse as the government has put responsibility for veterinary services in the region into private hands, which has made these essential services unaffordable for most herders. However, Oxfam has been working to give communities the skills and resources to improve their yields and their income. While government activity is limited due to its lack of resources, Oxfam has been supporting the authorities to develop and implement national and regional programmes that focus on animal – herding communities and their way of life.

Oxfam assigned me to capture their activities and live in the Arid Bahr El Gazal region.